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We are an educational design agency based in Sydney, Australia​.

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We have over 30 year’s experience working in the the higher education and corporate training and development sectors​

Founded in 2018 by Xanthe Lawson (BA, Dip Ed, MA), we are now a close-knit team of highly experienced learning designers, educational technologists, digital media producers, videographers, and animators. Our breadth of experience makes us a one-stop-shop for learning design projects large and small. Our expertise in adult learning allows us to advise universities and corporations through each step of the training development process, from curriculum design and resource development to implementation and technical support.​

In previous projects we have collaborated with local and international subject matter experts and organisations to develop educational and training programs in public health, medicine, science, micro-financing, prostate cancer nursing, vector surveillance and control, and modern slavery to name a few.​

Key people

Our central goal is to create learning experiences that are:

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Why choose us?

“We were new to the e-learning process at the beginning of the PacMOSSI project. Most of our subject matter experts are researchers so we had a bit to learn about writing learning outcomes, storyboarding, SCORM packages, and learning management systems. Studio 3 Learning have expertly guided us through the instructional design process and been instrumental in helping us produce a series of dynamic and engaging learning modules that are being rolled out across the Pacific and beyond. They are easy to work with, highly knowledgeable about e-learning, and great digital media producers.”​
Professor Tom Burkot
Co-Lead & Research Leader, PacMOSSI, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia
“Studio 3 Learning were an integral part of the team throughout the Co-Creating Safe Meals Project. They helped to structure the training into logical step-by-step lessons that can be used by trainers with varying degrees of experience; they helped create animations, demonstration videos, custom illustrations and media rich PowerPoints to bring the training to life; and then helped translate all the materials into an online version of the course using Canvas. They are a highly competent team, great communicators, and able to work collaboratively with a diverse group of stakeholders.”​
Professor Bronwyn Hemsley​
Project Lead, Head of Speech Pathology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
“The team at Studio 3 Learning bring creativity and technical know-how into every step of the educational design process. They have worked in a supportive and collaborative way with my team and a wide range of specialist health professionals and academics to bring our training to life over the last few years resulting in a suite of highly engaging and informative courses that are being used by nurses Australia-wide to develop their skills in prostate cancer specialist nursing.”
Sally Sara
Director, Nursing Programs, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia​
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